day [2]: the first view of my first website

So as it turns out, time is not a factor when I start something I needed to finish – in this case, it is the backbone for my website. Here is a list of what I have done since my past post:

  • Completed “FizzBuzz” question in C for fun, uploaded on Github
  • Started watching some introductory videos on Bootstrap in preparation to code my first website from scratch, which wasn’t too difficult with some previous familiarity in HTML
    • To elaborate on this, I feel like Bootstrap is almost difficult to learn if you don’t get your feet wet – it was tough and I felt helpless watching the video without being able to try it out for myself
  • Coded the “backbone” of my site, which will be uploaded to Github as soon as I finish typing this post

To-dos next week:

  • Read an article on styling precedence in CSS as recommended
  • Complete lecture for Week 6 of CS50x
  • Make site work well on mobile
  • Continue and complete lesson on TheOdinProject
  • Attempt at coding a fake site (??) Perhaps this will come later but it is something I would like to try doing

With school starting in the next week, I will have to prioritize my progress with programming between school work. I am enrolled in CS116, a course that will introduce Python. I am looking forward to squeezing in those programming assignments between my routine. With that, I will probably have to cut down my tasks to just the important ones.


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