progress report

  • finished cs50’s lecture 8, (more comfortable); working on and the rest of cs50’s pset6
    • uploaded on Github
  • next few steps is to make a website using cherrypy with a simple form code

week 6 of CS50x completed

I finished Week 6 of CS50x. I did not learn anything new, but perhaps I solidify whatever basic HTML5 knowledge I have (+ other tidbits about how the Internet works). I haven’t finished Week 5’s assignment yet. I think I will come back to it, because I feel very burnt out on that question. In terms of CS50x, I will be continuing the course throughout the term. The goal is to complete the course.

I am considering making my programming learning a “course” for myself for the next term. This means I will take 4 courses instead of 5, which is considered to be full-time. However, I will have to put aside time and set my own learning goals and abide to it. Again, just something I am considering.

I was also thinking of starting to read a new book on programming. I will start browsing Reddit for some options.

On a lighter note, I am extremely excited to be be taking a (real?) programming course at school again!